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Calgary Handyman With a Toolbox isn’t the guy offering home repair services from the back of his pickup truck. Calgary Handyman is your personal home improvement consultant and a trusted, knowledgeable resource. Our experienced, professional home repair and improvement technicians are skilled craftsmen with expertise in all trades. We’re so confident in our work that each job we do, whether a repair, installation, or assembly task, is backed by our Done Right Guarantee. Our customers deserve hassle-free service. You don’t have time to spend on a service that’s less than reliable and dependable, and you shouldn’t let just anyone in your home. When you need professional handyman services you can trust and depend on to get it done right, you can count on Calgary Handyman.

Unlike other handyman services, we are upfront about the cost. No searching  around sites or sending emails. For your convenience, it is posted right here.  And we are very competitive with regard to rate, experience, and quality. We have set prices for certain items (see pricing below). But as a general rule,  we charge a flat rate of $85 for the first hour and $65 per hour for all  concurrent miscellaneous services (like Honey-do lists etc.) with a 1 hour minimum and 15 minute increments. That means if your project  takes 1-¼ hours, the charges will reflect this ($81.25).  we have found  “time & materials” to be the fairest way to bill for our services.  This promotes mutual respect and long-term loyalty in the working  relationship. If you require rush service and need us to start a project  after normal business hours (after 8 pm or on weekends after 5 pm)  our after-hours rate is $85.00 per hour. To help give you an idea of potential costs, We have listed some general  time estimates for your convenience. Please keep in mind these are meant  to be ‘guesstimations’ not guarantees. There is also a list of our set prices  for certain items. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

1-2 hours: change thermostat, fix leaky pipe, hang pictures
2-3 hours: hang shelves, repair drywall
3-4 hours: hang door, repair wood, replace window
4 hours: repair wall and paint, add heating & air register, wiring for home theater
Hang Fan (standard height): $125
Hang Fan (2nd story): $300
Install Hall Light: $85
Hang Dining Room Chandelier: $125
Hang Foyer Chandelier (2nd story): $300
Hang TV (includes power & 1 HDMI cable): $350
Change Toilet Flush Valve: $75
Reset Toilet Tank: $125
Install Toilet: $200
Install Kitchen Faucet: $200
Install Bathroom Faucet: $125
Water Line Leak Repair: $125 (if access is impeded or difficult, price may be adjusted)
Install Kitchen Sink: $250-$350 (depending all components: garbage disposal, single or double, faucet etc.)
Install Garbage Disposal: $225
Drywall Repair: $125 minimum
*Set pricing includes incidental materials but does not include large items like actual lights, fans, tv’s, toilets, sink, disposal, plumbing supplies, plumbing lines, etc.
All rates GST

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